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Land Acknowledgement:

We are a settler-founded organization working on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples and the homeland of the Métis Nation. We acknowledge that agriculture in Canada rests on the foundation of the genocide of Indigenous peoples and the displacement from their lands. We commit to better understanding, unlearning and actively working to strengthen reconciliation movements through resource-sharing, political action, and actively supporting Indigenous food sovereignty projects.

Fireweed Food Hub is a wholesaler of local food connecting small-to-medium scale sustainable producers with foodservice and retail customers.

We’re building collective infrastructure and distribution for a sustainable and just regional food system, making ‘local’ about more than just location.

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We do the legwork of sourcing from multiple producers for you. With a  year-round catalogue of fresh,  local foods, easy ordering, and delivery, we want to make supporting local as convenient as possible.

The variety of local products available— it’s really impressive. And the flavours has all been exciting! To be honest, I’ve never tasted a carrot so good before. It’s shocking the difference in quality!
Beer Cantina


Expand your sales channels beyond the direct market by becoming a Food Hub supplier! Save time and energy on marketing and delivering your product as we help grow your sales.

The Food Hub has supported us in very trying times during a pandemic, has boosted our sales and has given us the ability to send our produce where it is needed the most!
Elemental Earth Garden


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Small-scale, sustainable family farms in Manitoba and Canada are disappearing. The ones that remain are larger, more chemically intensive and export-focused. Fireweed Food Hub works to collectivize small and midsize farms, allowing them to access a larger market while remaining at the sustainable scale they choose.


Bringing all these products through the Food Hub offers wholesale customers a more convenient way to source locally. By purchasing through Fireweed, you are supporting the growth of a sustainable local food system that eventually sees local food used at a large scale level: in larger retailers and institutions, making good local food available to more Manitobans.

Our Story

Fireweed Food Hub was launched in 2020 by Fireweed Food Co-op (FFC) who identified a gap in the supply chain which made it difficult for small sustainable local producers to reach a more stable wholesale market and challenging for wholesale customers to purchase locally. This gap is what the Food Hub aims to address.


Food Security,
Baked Right In

Food security is at the core of our work, never an afterthought or side project. But it’s not food security in the sense of food banks.

Our work, in the long-term, is about building a system where good food is accessible to all people. We believe in the need to scale up sustainable food production through a cooperative and more equitable distribution system to get it beyond the direct market and into more hands and households. We’re also engaging in grassroots food security projects in the meantime.

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