Sell Through Us

Helping small food producers reach larger markets

The Food Hub aims to collectivize the power of small and medium-sized producers to reach a larger and more stable wholesale market, helping scale up the production of local sustainable food. We do this by aggregating, marketing and distributing local food on behalf of our producer co-op members so that they can concentrate more on production while also increasing their sales in the long term. 

Our producers are made up of over thirty farmers and food producers, including market gardeners, ranchers, fisherfolk, egg and poultry farmers, and cheesemakers from across the region. Their operations vary in size, crops, and location, but are all united by a shared commitment to sustainable production, community well-being, and cooperation as a path towards greater resiliency.

Interested in becoming a Food Hub producer?

We look for producers who have:

  • Serious interest in selling to a wholesale market;
  • Hold themselves to high quality and food safety standards and are committed to continuous improvement;
  • Are interested in growing with the Food Hub;
  • Align with our values of sustainability, cooperation, and transparency. 

If this sounds like you, please fill out our Supplier Application Form. We will then set up a brief conversation about your operation and what you produce, and will determine whether we have demand for your products – we strive to strike a balance with our mix of suppliers that meets but does not exceed our demand, so we can support each member towards success. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and determine if the Food Hub model sounds right for you. 

How it Works

1. After an onboarding process, suppliers join Fireweed Food Co-op as producer members and a supplier agreement is signed (only co-op members are able to sell through the Food Hub).

2. Once active, each week producers send their product availability to our Supplier Coordinator via a google sheet.

3. Wholesale customers then place their orders through our online ordering system during the designated ordering window.

4. Once ordering closes, a pick list is sent to producers at which point orders are packed and delivered to our warehouse.

5. The Food Hub then inspects, packs and delivers the orders to customers. 



for you and your operation, giving you more time to produce food and grow your business.


which include targeted promotions and marketing to buyers via newsletters, ads and social media.


including dedicated, ongoing sales relationship-building with wholesale buyers.


you only have to drop off at our central warehouse once (or twice) a week, and we’ll take care of the rest.


detailing your sales totals, and detailed Food Hub-wide sales reports bi-weekly.  


as well as opportunities to plan production and coordinate city delivery with other Food Hub Suppliers.


sent to you bi-weekly via e-transfer.


which also grants you the opportunity to:

  • Participate, vote or run as a board member at our annual general meetings.
  • Participate in Food Hub policy feedback opportunities.
  • And more! 


For all other inquiries, please contact our Supplier Coordinator.