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At Fireweed Food Hub, our suppliers are small to medium-scale farmers, ranchers, fishers, harvesters and food producers in our region which at present includes Manitoba, NW Ontario and Nunavut. Food Hub suppliers are committed to sustainable practices such as perennial cropping and crop rotation, zero chemical use, sustainable harvesting methods, free-range and ethical meat production, and fair labour practices.

Every product you can buy through Fireweed is producer-direct– never from third party distributors. This maintains our commitment to ensuring fair prices for producers and customers, and full transparency on the products we offer.

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    Are you a producer in this region looking to expand your sales to a growing wholesale market in Winnipeg? Get in touch with us to find out whether becoming a Food Hub supplier is right for you! Supplying to Fireweed Food Hub comes with many benefits, including dedicated sales and marketing on your behalf, producer support services, and your right to maintain your own brand identity, even in wholesale.